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Welcome to Better Environmental Services!

We're Your Partner In Sustainability

Bridgeway Environmental is a mission driven full-service environmental consulting firm, that provides operational support and consulting services to the public and private sectors.  With our wide array of environmental services we are able to help projects stay on time and on budget, while also making a positive impact on the environment.

10+ Years Experience

Our Team has experience working with municipalities in roles as Land Development Inspectors, Code Enforcement Officers, Building Inspectors and Zoning Officials.

Certified & Reliable

Keeping up with the changing environmental world can be tricky. We can ensure you our certified and qualified professionals are on time and ready to help.

Affordable Pricing

Ongoing Support

Not only are we qualified, we are an affordable and efficient asset you can depend on during the duration of your project.

We are your friendly neighborhood environmental consulting company. We are able to provide post project support to homeowners or HOAs.

Environmental Compliance Services

ENV Services

NPDES Monitoring & Inspections

NPDES inspections are a requirement for projects that are disturbing 1 acre of land or greater. Our NPDES monitoring and inspection services are designed to keep your BMPs operating effectively as possible. We accomplish this by identifying weak points before the become problems.


Record Search and Risk Assessment

SBA environmental due diligence requires Records Search with Risk Assessment. In many circumstances, this fast and cheap study has replaced the Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) since 2007. The report is part of the SBA 504 and SBA 7(a) Loan Programs for CRE collateral, however it is not limited to SBA agreements.

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PHASE 1 Site Assessment

These assessments identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) that could impact the value of the property. We adhere to all industry standards in preparation of its reports, giving our clients the information needed to proceed in a commercial real estate transaction.


Environmental Compliance Reporting

Some investors or lenders may require a project to obtain a ECR from a third party professional. Bridgeway Environmental can provide accurate and timely reports that will ensure your project is operating in accordance with Federal, State and Local laws. 


Detention Pond Maintenance & Repair

Most city's require that neighborhood detention pond be maintained by HOAs or residents. Bridgeway Environmental can provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance services to ensure they stay in compliance and functioning as designed.


Permit Research & Acquisition

Navigating the permitting process for regulatory agencies can sometime be a grueling process. Bridgeway Environmental will work hand and hand with municipalities and state agencies to get your project started in a timely fashion.

Construction Site Maintenance & Support Services

erosion control.jpg

Erosion Control Installation & Maintenance

Silt Fence, Erosion Blankets, Inlet Protections, Safety and Tree  Protection, Acreage and Lot Mowing, Seeding, Concrete Wash Out


Debris & Waste  Monitoring and Removal

The number one complaint made by citizens is the amount of trash construction sites make and mud tracking in the street. Bridgeway Environmental maintains, monitors and removes junk and debris from your site. We also provide street cleaning services, to help reduce the need for anonymous code enforcement complaints.

Our Mission is to keep your crews operating, we accomplish this by helping you avoid costly stop work orders and court citations.

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