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Indoor Air Quality and Mold Testing 

When looking for someone to examine your home or business for possible indoor mold growth, look no further than Bridgeway Environmental. We offer a wide range of Mold services to help determine if you're experiencing a mold problem. With Bridgeway Environmental  you can rest assured that there is no conflict of interest and our reports are completely unbiased.


Our Inspection Process

Our inspectors conduct  thorough visual examination of the premises. This contains both specific problem spots and broad categories prone to mold.

  • We identify areas more likely to have hidden mold, we will inspect the interior walls that show concern with a moisture meter and/or a thermal imaging camera.

  • We inspect all water-prone areas, including closets, under toilets, under stairs, around windows/doors, and around windows/doors. (Bathrooms, Utility Rooms, Kitchens, and the like)

  • Inspector will enter the attic or crawlspace if a red flag is raised in the dwelling areas indicating a potential problem (water stains, visible mold, etc). If a customer requests a specific inspection of these areas on-site, we will comply, but it is typically unnecessary.

Schedule Inspection

Schedule Your Inspection.

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