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10 tips to help prevent Stormwater pollution.

Are you interested in making sure the water you use on a daily is basis isn’t affected by Stormwater pollutants?

Here are 10 tips, extraordinary citizens can use to help stop stormwater pollution:

1. Getting rid of oil, chemicals, and paint, as well as other household hazardous waste, in the right way at designated collection centers.

2. Conduct regular preventative maintenance on your vehicles so they don't leak or drip.

3. Getting rid of pet waste by either flushing it down the toilet or putting it in the trash.

4. Using cleaning products that are safe for the environment and not using pesticides or fertilizers.

5. Reframing from dropping trash on the ground and always utilize trash cans or recycling bins.

6. Using less water to cut down on the amount of water that runs off lawns and gardens.

7. Pointing gutters and downspouts away from paved surfaces and onto lawns or other surfaces that can absorb water.

8. Making rain gardens or using other landscaping techniques to catch and clean runoff from rain and snow.

9. Taking part in local clean-up events to remove trash and other debris from waterways and stormwater systems.

10. Instead of washing your car in the driveway, do it on the grass.

By doing these things, people can help cut down on the amount of pollution that gets into stormwater systems and protect the health of waterways and ecosystems in their area.

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