Roof Inspections Before and After Installation

Know the condition of your roof before you contract with a roofer
Choose Bridgeway Properties for Your Complete Independent Roof Inspection.

A Bridgeway independent roof inspection can be the difference between a $200 minor repair job and a $12,000 major over haul. Our mission is to give you an accurate independent report on the condition of your roof, so when you finally call that contractor you know exactly the issues of concern and won't be trapped into over paying.

So Whats Covered?

We conduct a comprehensive in depth inspection of your roof following the Internachi Standards of Practice. All of our roof inspections are conducted with the latest and greatest in technology. We utilize Thermal imagining to identify current  underlying conditions of the surface material, Drones for an aerial perspective of roofs that are unsafe to walk on and moisture meters to identify active intrusion points. 

Roof Systems

Roof Integrity, Attic, Attic Ventilation, Weather Damage, Ridge cap, Flashings, Drip edges, Skylights Chimneys, Flashings and Caps, Soil stacks, Gutters, Downspouts, Soffit and Fascia.