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Hey Sandy Springs! Have you had your Stormwater Inspection Yet?

HOAs, Apartment Complexes and Commercial Businesses across the country are required by Federal, State and City governments to inspect and maintain their stormwater systems, to ensure they are working efficiently. These maintenance Inspections help containments stay out of surrounding water bodies but also help you save money over time. 

In most cases failure to comply with these rules can result in hefty court fines.

What Are Stormwater Management Systems?

A stormwater management system might include a range of stormwater control strategies. Ponds are used to manage rainwater in many neighborhoods and business sectors. Pond inspections are generally required on an annual basis and can be classified into three types:

  • Retention Ponds are man-made body of water that collects and filters stormwater runoff. It allows enormous amounts of water to enter while releasing little amounts as needed.

  • Detention Ponds are shallow basins with a modest slope that directs water from the inflow to the outlet. They are often dry until it rains.

How We Can Help:
  • Provide a trained stormwater expert to carry out the necessary inspections of your property.

  • prepare and submit a thorough inspection report to you and/or the municipality.

  • Making suggestions on the sort of maintenance needed, if any.

  • Developing a facility inspection and management program.


Matthew Brown. Owner and Chief Inspector. He is a Certified Professional Inspector. Certified QPSWPPP, Certified QCIS, Certified MS4CECI, GSWCC Level II Certified. With over a decade of experience in municipal inspections. 


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