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Land Development Consulting and Permitting

Since no two clients' projects are identical, we tailor our services to meet their specific needs. If you are looking for a team to take care of everything for you, from the very beginning to the end of your project, we are the team for you. Being brought into a project at the early stages will result in a more efficient, more streamlined and cost-effective project.


Owners Representation

Our representation is able to manage all phases of the development process, including site selection and due diligence, government entitlement, zoning and public representation, approval and permitting, and public representation.



Our commercial services can help keep your employees and customers feel safe by disinfecting your offices and work spaces. Our antimicrobial treatment process involves the application of an EPA approved, non-toxic, solution that will disinfect air and surfaces..


Entitlement Submittals

Rezoning, land use adjustments, platting, water districts, conditional use, utility companies, due diligence, Phase I, comp plan amendments, variances, landscape plans, regulating plans, and site plans are all examples of entitlements.


Community Outreach

During the preliminary discovery phase, we attend meetings held by both the city and the county to discuss the aspects of your project that are related to planned urban development, environmental control, as well as local zoning and variances.


Project Management

As soon as the construction permit is issued, our project managers will begin providing full program administration and management throughout the whole of the project, beginning with the start of the project and continuing until it is completed.

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