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Homeowners and commercial establishments alike can take advantage of the water quality testing services provided by Bridgeway Environmental. Our professionals are able to identify potential problems and give advice for possible remedies involving water treatment.

Get in touch today to set up an appointment for water testing or to acquire additional information regarding our offerings.

Why is water quality important?

Water quality monitoring ensures safe potable water and prevents water-borne diseases, which entails analyzing the physical, chemical, and biological characteristics of water to determine if it meets standards for human ingestion. By identifying potential sources of contamination and instituting preventative measures, we can safeguard our health and indoor and outdoor environments for generations to come.

At Bridgeway Environmental, we provide comprehensive water quality testing to help you identify potential contaminants in your water source and take the necessary precautions to guarantee its safety.

How to tell if my water is contaminated?

Odor, taste, color and the feel of water can be indications that your drinking water may be contaminated. If you observe any of these characteristics, you should have your tap water and drinking water tested to ensure it is safe for human ingestion. When we conduct a water quality test, we look for potentially hazardous contaminants such as bacteria, chemicals, minerals, and other pollutants that could endanger humans and animals.

It is believed that city water is safe, pure, and healthy. Even if contaminant levels are below EPA guidelines, it may still be present in quantities that are harmful for human consumption. Water is consumed both orally and transdermally. You may still be exposed to contaminated water that can be absorbed through the epidermis even if you have a water filter for your drinking water. Testing your tap water and potable water can guarantee the safety of all water-related exposures.

Private Water Wells

Water testing can also benefit homeowners with private wells, which are not regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Numerous contaminants, including bacteria and chemicals from adjacent industrial sites or agricultural areas, can contaminate private wells. Many residents in Georgia use well water that originate from various aquifer depths and also rain water.

Contaminated water can result from saltwater intrusion, pesticide and chemical runoff in unincorporated agricultural/industrial areas, and excessive levels of dissolved solids. Our testing services for well water identify contaminants and provide recommendations for filtration and contamination prevention.

How Do We Test Water?

The way we test the quality of your water is by taking a sample of it and sending it to a third-party lab for analysis. The labs we use have the most up-to-date tools to make sure that the results are exact and precise. Our labs use a mix of physical, chemical, and biological testing methods to find bacteria, heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, and other toxins that can hurt the quality of your drinking water.

Once the test results are in, we will give you a full report about the quality of your water and any possible contaminants that were found. Our experts will also give you an action plan  with steps you should take to make sure your drinking water is safe. 

We can test the quality of your water quickly and accurately. Call us today to set up an appointment and take the first step toward a healthy home and workplace.

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